Mali Garnet

Studio Fluorescent Lighting: Rough and cut Mali Garnet


Mali garnet is a trade name for a variety of garnet found in Mali in west Africa.  There are a number of “species” of garnet, all of which tend to be found in mixed states; that is, rarely is a garnet crystal 100% one species. Mali garnets are a mix of andradite garnet and grossular garnet.  Andradite is known for its high refractive index and dispersion, giving it a brilliance and fire that are reminiscent of a colored diamond. Because of the relatively high percentage of andradite in Mali garnets, they tend to have a similar high brilliance and fire, making them very desirable.  Mali garnets are typically very clean, but are rarely very large.  They come in a range of colors from light lime greens to yellow-greens, golden yellows and even dark brownish-gold.  With a Mohs hardness of  6.5-7.0, its a relatively durable gemstone and suitable for use in a variety of jewelry.

Named Species/Varieties

There are no varieties of Mali garnet.

Where is it found

These garnets have only been found in Mali in west Africa.  The primary find was in 1994, and while minor amounts are still mined, most of the rough and cut gems come from material mined in the mid-1990’s.  As a result of this supply limitation, large stones are quite difficult to source and command a premium price.


Mali garnet is not typically treated.

Use in jewelry

The brilliance and hardness of Mali garnet make it a great choice for use in jewelry.

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