0.44-Carat Light Orange Montana Sapphire


A gorgeous little bright orange sapphire from Montana, 0.44 carats.

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This beautiful bright orange sapphire comes from the famous Rock Creek deposits outside Philipsburg, Montana. The alluvial sapphires found there are typical quite small and pale green in color. While most are heated to produce fancy colors or deep blues and greens, a small number of them are brightly colorful without any treatment–this is one of those gems.   The original gem rough was light yellow with darker orange center; I carefully placed this darker color spot so that the whole gem is flooded with a gorgeous orange color. This sapphire has been faceted in my own custom version of the standard diamond round brilliant cut which I have optimized for sapphires–the result is a scintillating and brilliant gemstone. The gem weighs 0.44 carats and measures 4.46 x 2.99 mm.

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