0.62-Carat Medium Blue to Blue-Green Unheated Montana Sapphire


A pretty little natural sapphire from Montana, 0.62 carats and unheated.

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I faceted this sapphire from gem rough I personally mined in Montana.  The Montana sapphire deposits are alluvial, so mining them requires collecting the gravel and then screening and washing it to find the sapphires.  This sapphire comes from the Rock Creek deposits in the mountains west of Philipsburg, Montana.  Most of the sapphires from this deposit are small but they exhibit a wide range of colors and typically have excellent clarity.  Most of them are heated and then sent overseas to be faceted for smaller-sized melee gems.

I screened over 1,500 pounds of gravel to yield just slightly more than 100 carats of gem-grade sapphires between 1-2 carats in size; this gem was faceted from one of the larger stones. I faceted it in a custom oval shape to best utilize the natural shape of the gem rough; iwould make a gorgeous center stone in a small ring. It weighs 0.62 carats and measures 5.6 x 4.5 x 3.1 mm. The color is a wonderful medium blue with flashes of light blue-green.  The gem is completely natural and unheated and has outstanding brilliance; this macro image is similar to the view through a 10x loupe.  The slight healed fracture and silk you can see here are not visible in the hand and are proof that the gem has not been heated.

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