0.63-Carat Mint Green Grossular Garnet


A beautiful medium mint-green grossular garnet from Tanzania, 0.63 carats.

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What’s a Merelani Mint garnet? It’s basically a light green grossular garnet, not dark enough green to be called a Tsavorite. The coloring comes from vanadium. The name comes from the Merelani region of Tanzania, although those light green garnets are also found in nearby Kenya.  Grossular garnet has a relatively high refractive index which helps the gems achieve a high level of brilliance.

This gem is faceted in a modified and optimized version of the classic diamond round brilliant design.  It is cut to “hearts and arrows” precision and the result is a beautiful glittering gemstone.  The gem weighs 0.63 carats and measures 5.1 x 3.5 mm. The gem is extremely clean–all but flawless under a 10x loupe.

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