1.10-Carat Near Colorless Oval Grossular Garnet (Leucogarnet)


A beautiful nearly colorless grossular garnet from Mali, 1.10 carats.

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Garnets come in nearly every color of the rainbow, but one of the rarest  colors isn’t a color at all–it’s the rare colorless “leucogarnet.”  Some of the only known colorless garnets are grossular garnets, such as this one from Mali, in west Africa.  This garnet has just the faintest hint of a yellow cast, but for the most part appears to be colorless to the naked eye, much like a faintly yellow-tinted diamond.

I faceted this garnet in a classic oval brilliant design, optimized for garnet.  The result is a glittering diamond-like gemstone. The gem weighs 1.10 carats and measures 7.0 x 5.7 x 4.0 mm.

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