1.14-Carat Deep Golden Yellow Mali Garnet


A beautiful brilliant yellow Mali garnet in my “Bella” brilliant square cushion design, 1.14 carats.

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In 1994 a new type of garnet was discovered in the African nation of Mali.  A mix of two relatively rare and valuable gem garnet types–andradite and grossularite–this new garnet was named “Mali Garnet” in honor of the locality of discovery.  The most well-known gem grossular is tsavorite, and the most well-known andradite gem is the rare demantoid.  Because of the demantoid content, Mali garnet has a relatively high refractive index and dispersion, giving it excellent brilliance and a lovely “fire.”  The color can range from brownish to a bright green, with rarity and value increasing as the color follows that trend.

This Mali garnet is a beautiful deep golden yellow color and it has lovely dispersion that can’t be captured in this photo–making it reminiscent of a colored diamond.  The garnet is faceted in my custom “Bella” brilliant square cushion design, creating a brilliant and dispersive gemstone.  It weighs 1.14 carats and measures 5.5 x 4.4 mm.  It is very clean, appearing all but flawless with a 10x loupe.

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