1.19-Carat Ethiopian Emerald


A gorgeous untreated Ethiopian emerald cut in my “Testudo” brilliant oval design, 1.19 carats.

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In 2016 there was a new discovery of emeralds near Shakiso, Ethiopia.  While some minor finds of emeralds have been made in Ethiopia in recent years, this find seems to have produced a bit more than the previous ones and some rough gem material made it to market at the Tucson shows in February of 2017, where this piece was acquired.  More on this find can be seen in this brief published by GIA: https://www.gia.edu/gems-gemology/spring-2017-gemnews-new-discovery-emeralds-ethiopia.  The color is an intense medium-light toned green with a slightly bluish hue–it reminds me of the emeralds of Muzo or Chivor in Colombia. This gem is quite clean, with just a minor amount of tiny bubble inclusions and one or tiny tiny flakes of biotite mica.  The macro image makes the inclusions look far more prominent than they appear in person.  It has not been oiled or treated by me in any way whatsoever.

I faceted this gem in my custom “Testudo” brilliant oval design, optimized for emerald.  The gem is extremely bright and lively in the hand and has an bright vibrant green-blue color that practically glows in the hand.  The tone is medium-light, making it so vibrant.  Like nearly all emeralds it has a moderate amount of inclusions or “jardin,” although they are far less visible in person than the macro photos imply.  The gem weighs 1.19 carats and measures 7.0 x 5.5 x 5.2 mm.

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