1.32-Carat Grass Green Tsavorite Garnet


A beautiful grass green Tsavorite garnet from Tanzania, 1.32 carats.

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Tsavorite garnet is named for the Tsavo region of Kenya, where many of these amazing green garnets are mined.  While first discovered in 1967 in nearby Tanzania, significant quantities of gem grade tsavorite garnets have only been found in parts of Tanzania and nearby Kenya.  Tsavorite is a form of grossular garnet, colored intensely green by trace amounts of vanadium.  Paler green specimens have been called “Merelani Mint” garnets after the Merelani region in Tanzania.  Tsavorite garnets are typically small and gems over 2 carats are quite rare.

This beautiful bright grass green Tsavorite garnet is faceted in my custom “Bella” square cushion design; the result is a beautiful glittering gemstone.  The gem weighs 1.32 carats and measures 5.7 x 4.7 mm. The gem is eye clean, although it does have some tiny inclusions typical of this material–the macro images here are similar to the view through a 10x loupe.

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