1.55-Carat Golden Yellow Danburite


A remarkable golden yellow Danburite cut in a custom brilliant rectangle cushion, 1.55 carats.

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Danburite is not widely known, but it deserves more attention.  With a hardness of 7 and an RI that ranges from 1.627 to 1.639, it cuts beautiful stones have good durability and excellent brilliance.  Most gem-grade danburite is colorless, or a very pale pink that typically fades to colorless with exposure to sunlight.  It can be found in in bright yellows, however, and in 2011-2012 a find was made in Tanzania of remarkable deep golden yellow to canary yellow danburite.  What made this find particularly unique is that a good deal of the gem rough was extremely clean–typically yellow danburite is included, reducing the brilliance.  This gem was cut from a choice piece of rough from that find.

I cut this danburite in a brand new rectangle-oval brilliant cushion design I created specifically for this piece of rough–although I’ve since cut other gems in this design as the performance is outstanding.  The gem weighs 1.55 carats and measures 7.05 x 5.75 x 5.30 mm.

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