1.86-Carat Spruce Green Tourmaline


A gorgeous blue-green Nigerian tourmaline in the classic diamond round brilliant design, 1.86 carats.

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This tourmaline is a beautiful spruce green color–green with a blue secondary.  Completely natural and untreated, this tourmaline comes from recent mining work in Keffi, Nigeria. It is very clean, with just a few tiny trichyte inclusions, only visible with a 10x loupe.  The high clarity makes this a striking gemstone in the hand, glittering and brilliant.

I faceted this gem in the classic diamond round brilliant, optimized for tourmaline.  The resulting gemstone is extremely bright and flashy.  The gem weighs 1.86 carats and measures 7.5 x 5.4 mm. It would make a beautiful center stone for a pendant or ring.

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