1.98-Carat Purple to Hot Pink Color-Change Mahenge Garnet


A beautiful purple to hot pink color-change Mahenge garnet faceted in the classic diamond round brilliant design, 1.98 carats.

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This gorgeous garnet is very unusual: In daylight and fluorescent light it’s a deep purple color, while under incandescent light it changes color to a rich hot pink-purple hue.  In bright light it shows beautiful flashes of red and blue dispersion.  The garnet comes from a recent find outside Mahenge, Tanzania, which has become highly sought after due to the bright open colors.  These garnets are in very limited and diminishing supply and the prices for the rough have increased dramatically in recent months.  They have outstanding brilliance and dispersion that gives them a beautiful fire in the hand.

This gem is very clean and the high clarity makes it a scintillating gemstone in the hand.   It is faceted in my optimized version of the classic diamond round brilliant design, cut to “hearts and arrows” precision.  The gem weighs 1.98 carats, and measures 7.3 x 4.9 mm.

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