2.15-Carat Deep Blue-Green Silky Montana Sapphire


A lovely deep blue-green silky Montana sapphire in my custom “Testudo” oval design, 2.15 carats.

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This lovely unheated Montana sapphire is gorgeous deep blue-green color, more on the green side than blue.  It has a fairly heavy amount of silk that dulls the brilliance, especially under fluorescent lighting.   In daylight and incandescent light it has a nice soft glow.  I could heat this gem and it would turn clear and change to a deep blue color, but I have opted to leave it untreated for now and have discounted the price accordingly.  If you love a natural silky sapphire, then this is great value for you!

This sapphire is faceted in a custom brilliant oval design that I created just for Montana sapphire. I’ve named the design “Testudo” as the facet pattern of the crown reminds me of a tortoise’s shell.  This gem is fairly large for a Montana sapphire, most of which are smaller than 1.5 carats: it weighs 2.15 carats and measures 8.0 x 6.3 x 5.5 mm.  It would make the perfect gem for a unique engagement ring!

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