2.41-Carat Blue-Orange Bi-Colored Montana Sapphire (Heated)


An unusual blue-green and orange bi-colored heated Montana sapphire, fairly large for the locale at 2.41 carats.

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This unusual heated Montana sapphire is a remarkable combination of blue-green and orange, with the orange at the two ends creating a unique bicolored effect. Because of the long length to width ratio, the color tends to roll and flash along the length of the gem. There are some tiny disc inclusions in the gem, but they are not visible in the hand without a 10x loupe–it’s eye clean.

This sapphire is faceted in a custom radiant rectangle design I created named “Fourth of July;” the resulting gem is very lively in the hand. It is quite large for a Montana sapphire at 2.40 carats and it measures 8.2 x 6.1 x 4.8 mm.  It would make an amazing center stone for a beautiful engagement ring!

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