2.57-Carat Silver-Blue Montana Sapphire


A lovely silvery-blue unheated Montana sapphire faceted in a custom round design, 2.57 carats.

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This beautiful unheated Montana sapphire is a lovely pale silvery-blue color in daylight, while under incandescent light and some fluorescent light it shifts to a pure silvery-white color.  The sapphire has very good clarity, with just one dark inclusion near the girdle on one side.  This can be hidden under a prong when set, but I’ve factored it into the pricing, making this an excellent value for the size.

The sapphire is faceted in a mixed brilliant-step cut round, and cut to high precision.  The high number of facets and excellent polish make the color “pop” and flash as the gem is held in your hand. The gem weighs 2.57 carats and measures 7.5 x 5.7 mm.  It would make a remarkable center stone for an engagement ring!

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