2.67-Carat Bright Red Oregon Sunstone


A beautiful bright red-orange Oregon sunstone, with just a few small splashes of schiller.  Flashes of coppery-orange make this gem just glow in the hand; 2.67 carats.

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This gorgeous bright red Oregon sunstone shows flashes of orange and coppery-red on a bright pure red base color. There are a few very pretty little splashes of copper schiller and a couple of interesting lines of schiller that require a loupe to see, but are quite beautiful when you find them. Sunstones of this size, color and clarity are rare and highly sought after as collector gemstones.

This gem is faceted in a custom brilliant square cushion design; it is bright and glittering in the hand.  It weighs 2.67 carats and measures 8.0 x 6.6 mm.

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