3.19-Carat Deep Blue Montana Sapphire (Heated)


A beautiful rich deep blue heated Montana sapphire, 3.19 carats.

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This Montana sapphire is a classic example of when heating is the best option.  The original gem was very silky and as a result took on a dull grayish-silver tone and had a dulled brilliance. While it was offered for sale unheated for a while, there was no interest so I sent it off to be heated.  The result is well worth it–the gem is now a brilliant rich deep blue color with no gray or silver tones.  The heating dissolved the rutile silk so the clarity is now excellent.

I faceted this is a gem custom mixed cut that I designed for sapphire.  I call the design “Trybrid” as its a hybrid of three different faceting styles: The pavilion is a mix of Portuguese and step cuts and the crown is the same as used on a classic brilliant style gem. The result is a gorgeous sparkling gem weighing 3.19 carats and measuring 7.8 x 6.1 mm.  This would make the perfect gem for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

3.19-Carat Heated Montana Sapphire from Earth’s Treasury on Vimeo.

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