3.61-Carat Green-Blue Montana Sapphire


A beautiful unheated teal green to blue-green Montana sapphire, 3.61 carats.

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This lovely all-natural Montana sapphire is beautiful teal green color, although it also shows flashes of blue.  I faceted this gem on the greenish a-b axis, which I don’t typically do, but this shape gave the best yield from the piece of rough.  The resulting gem is a gorgeous rich teal green color–a blue-tinted green.  In daylight and fluorescent light it shows flashes of a deeper blue on the green body color, while under incandescent and some LED lighting it looks even more intense green.  It is extremely clean, with virtually no visible rutile silk and just a few fine needle-like böhmite inclusions.  There are two very tiny internal feathers, one just barely visible on table and one off to the side of the crown.  None of these minor inclusions are easily visible without a loupe–its an eye clean gem.

I faceted this sapphire in a custom rectangular radiant design that I created just for this piece; the result is a glittering beauty of a gemstone that is completely one-of-a-kind. This is quite a large sapphire for Montana–only a handful of sapphires are found each year that are large enough to facet a gem of this size.  The gem weighs 3.61 carats and measures 9.2 x 6.9 x 5.7 mm; the perfect size for an engagement ring.

3.61-Carat Green Montana Sapphire from Earth’s Treasury on Vimeo.

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