4.45-Carat Rich Teal Blue Montana Sapphire (Heated)


A beautiful rich teal blue heated Montana sapphire faceted in a custom Portuguese round design, very large for Montana at 4.45 carats.

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This beautiful heated Montana sapphire is a gorgeous rich blue green color in daylight, while under incandescent light and some fluorescent light it shifts to a more steely blue with hints of violet.  While not strong enough of a change to be called a true color-change sapphire, it is a very noticeable and pleasing shift of color. The sapphire has very good clarity, with just a tiny bit of undissolved silk and a few tiny inclusions, all of which are difficult to see without a loupe.  It is an eye-clean gemstone, and very bright and lively in the hand.

This sapphire is faceted in a custom Portuguese-style round, and cut to very high precision.  The high number of facets and excellent polish make the color “pop” and flash as the gem is held in your hand. The gem weighs 4.45 carats and measures 9.9 x 6.1 mm.  This is very large for a Montana sapphire; only a few stones are mined each year that can cut a gem of this size.  It would make a remarkable center stone for an engagement ring!

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