4.61-Carat Deep Red Oregon Sunstone


A remarkable deep blood-red Oregon sunstone in a custom oval design, 4.61 carats.

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This Oregon sunstone is the deepest of reds to be found–a gorgeous dark blood red color. I faceted it from rough I sourced directly from the Ponderosa Mine in Oregon. There is just the slightest haze of very fine schiller that adds a bit of softness to the gem and darkens it up a bit; it requires a 20x loupe to actually see the small schiller particles (native copper).  It looks best in sunlight or incandescent light, where it show flashes of a rich bright red on a deep red body color.  Deep red Oregon sunstones of this size and color are quite rare and difficult to find.

I faceted this in a custom oval design I call “Oculus.”  The sunstone weighs 4.61 carats and measures 13.1 x 9.7 x 8.0 mm.

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