5.70-Carat Light Yellow-Green Sphene


A beautiful light green to yellow-green sphene, large and very clean for the species at 5.70 carats.

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The mineral titanite is known as sphene in the gem trade.  Gem-grade titanite is quite rare, and is prized because of it’s high refractive index and dispersion that is higher than that of diamond.  Because of these characteristics, faceted sphene makes for an incredibly beautiful gemstone, although it is rarely clean.  This light yellow-green sphene is very clean for the species–it has just one small veil that is barely visible without a loupe. When held in the hand it shows flashes of green and yellow, and in sunlight or other bright light the dispersion gives it an incredible fire–the video shows this very well.

I faceted this sphene in my custom “Testudo” brilliant oval design, optimized for sphene to maximize the brilliance and fire.  The resulting gemstone is remarkably brilliant and scintillating in the hand.  It is quite large for a faceted sphene, especially given the excellent clarity: It weighs 5.70 carats and measures 11.5 x 8.7 x 7.7 mm.  This is a true collector’s gemstone!


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