7.80-Carat Hot Pink Nigerian Tourmaline


A gorgeous hot pink Nigerian tourmaline in a custom hexagon design, 7.80 carats.

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This tourmaline is an intense hot pink color, shifting with the light from a rich pink under fluorescent light to a brighter peachy-pink under incandescent light.  Completely natural and untreated, this tourmaline comes from recent mining work in Nigeria. It is incredibly clean–no inclusions are visible even with a 10x loupe. Rich pink tourmaline this large and clean is very uncommon.

I faceted this gem in a custom hexagon design I created just for this piece of rough; it follows the outline of the natural gem crystal.  The resulting gemstone is extremely bright and flashy, and has excellent off-axis performance.  The gem weighs 7.80 carats and measures 13.7 mm across the points, 12.7 mm across the flats and is 8.2 mm deep. It is perfect for a pendant or a unique ring.

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