9.36-Carat Midnight Blue Australian Sapphire


A beautiful deep midnight blue unheated Australian sapphire faceted in a classic emerald cut, 9.36 carats.

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Australia has been known for its deposits of sapphires for over 100 years.  Most of the Australian sapphires are dark blue although there are also lighter blues, yellows and greens as well as some rare fancy colors.  The Anakie gemfields have produced immense quantities of sapphires, and they’re also known for occasionally producing very large sapphires.  This is one of those large ones–it came from a piece of rough that was over 50 carats.  Unfortunately several cracks meant that I had to cut it into three pieces–but a single large gem would have been too dark anyway.

This is the largest of the gems I faceted from this piece of rough, and while its still a very dark blue, it does show beautiful flashes of deep blue in daylight and fluorescent light. The gem is nearly flawless with the exception of a small feather near one edge that is not easily visible. It weighs 9.36 carats and measures 13.8 x 8.0 x 7.5 mm.

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