Premium 6 mm Montana Sapphire Earrings (Heated)

Premium 6 mm Montana Sapphire Earrings (Heated)



These one-of-a-kind earrings feature a pair of perfectly matched teal sapphires from the famed Rock Creek deposit in Montana. The stunning stones measure 6 mm each and weigh 2.41 carats total.

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This matched pair of sapphires was mined from the famed Rock Creek deposit near Philipsburg, Montana.  They will appear more blue in daylight and more green in most indoor light. These extraordinary stones measure 6 mm across, for a total weight of 2.41 carats. They were heated here in the US to improve their clarity and color, but no other treatments have been used.  The only inclusion consists of a small amount of partially dissolved rutile silk, which is not visible to the naked eye and sparkles like tiny glitter when viewed under magnification. They were faceted in the US  in our optimized diamond round brilliant design, which has been cut to hearts-and-arrows precision for outstanding brilliance and scintillation.

These earrings feature 14k gold settings. They will arrive in a custom gift box with jewelry cleaner and a polishing cloth. 

As each stone is made by nature with infinite variety, it is exceedingly rare to find two stones of this size with such excellent color match and clarity.  It is unlikely there will ever be another pair of earrings just like this!

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