Pastel Pyrope Garnet

Studio Fluorescent Lighting: Rough and cut pastel pyrope garnets from Tanzania


Pastel pyrope garnet is a variety of one of the major types of garnet and is composed of a magnesium-aluminum silicate.  There are a number of “species” of garnet, all of which tend to be found in mixed states; that is, rarely is a garnet crystal 100% one species. Most pyrope garnet spessartine garnet in varying amounts although the dominant species is pyrope. Pastel pyrope garnets have a relatively high refractive index (1.720-1.756), giving cut stones a wonderful brilliance.  The typical color for pyrope garnets is a deep red, caused by traces of chromium.  However, nearly colorless pyrope garnets have been found, and pastel pyropes tend to be violet, peach or light shades of pink or peach.  With a Mohs hardness of  7.0-7.5, its a relatively durable gemstone and suitable for use in a variety of jewelry.

Named Species/Varieties

Pastel pyrope is a variety of pyrope garnet.  They first were named after light pastel-colored pyrope garnets, but can be darker shades of color as well.  They are relatively rare.  Some pastel pyropes contain trace amounts of vanadium and as a result show a change of color with different lighting.

Where is it found

Most pastel pyrope garnets found to date have been mined in Africa, although occasional stones have turned up elsewhere.  Tanzania is the primary locale for most of the gem material seen in the market, but overall they are quite rare.


Pastel pyrope garnets are not typically treated.

Use in jewelry

The brilliance and hardness of pastel pyrope garnet make it a great choice for use in jewelry.

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