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Earth’s Treasury was founded in 2012 as the realization of many of my passions: gems, minerals, jewelry, photography and more.  In the ensuing years I have built a loyal global clientele by providing my clients with a diverse collection of gems and jewelry created from natural stones and materials mined from the earth—you . I have a strong affinity for gems in their natural state, as they formed within the earth–hence the name Earth’s Treasury. While my focus is on colored gemstones from around the world—sapphire, ruby, emerald, tourmaline, tanzanite, aquamarine, morganite, kunzite to name just a few—my true passion is for North American gemstones.  There is a remarkable diversity of colored gemstones—many of which are far more rare and valuable than diamonds.

I maintain a close connection with the hard-working people who mine these stones for all of us to enjoy. Too often these stones change hands so many times that the men and women who have labored so hard to find them don’t see the true rewards of their efforts. In that sense, I strive to ethically source my material–I won’t have stones or materials from nations or corporations that exploit their people and natural resources. I always make an effort to buy directly from small miners. While I do source material globally, one of my primary goals is to have a collection of gemstones, mineral specimens and jewelry that are sourced entirely here in the United States. To that end I have developed a partnership with the several gemstone mines here in the United States to help bring some of their wonderful gemstones to the market. I regularly visit some of these mines, hunting the amazing gemstones we all admire so much.

Browse my store and check back often—I’m going to be constantly adding new products.

Jeffrey R. Hapeman (but call me Jeff)
CEO and Founder, Earth’s Treasury

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