Risk-Free Review and Return Policy

We understand that buying something as expensive as a gemstone online is not an easy decision to make. This may be one of the most significant purchases you will be making and most importantly, it’s something you or someone special to you will treasure for many years to come. We want to put your mind at ease–we want you to be 100% happy with what you purchase. To make that happen, we offer a 100% risk-free review and return policy for retail customers.

How does it work?

To begin with, we strongly suggest that you reach out to us via our contact form or just call us to ask any questions you might have. We are happy to take a short video for you of the gem you are interested in, or we can do a side-by-side comparison video of up to four gems to help you narrow down your choices. When you think you’ve found the perfect gem, simply put it in your cart and check out. If you still can’t decide between several gems you can also order all of them, and then simply return the ones that you don’t decide to keep.

The Review Period

We ship all orders fully insured, and most orders will arrive to you within 2-3 days maximum, if you are located within the United States. Orders over $1000 get free shipping and will automatically be upgraded to free FedEx Overnight Standard shipping (international orders are excluded from free shipping). Regardless of where you are located, you have ten business days (two weeks including weekends) from when you receive a gem (or gems) to view it in person and be 100% sure it’s the right one. We believe it’s very important to take advantage of this offer because no matter how good the photo or videos are, there is no substitute for seeing a stone in person. Everyone has different color perception, and phone and computer screens vary in their accuracy of color reproduction. Even the angle of the sun in different parts of the world will cause a colored gemstone to have a slightly different appearance!

We encourage you to view the gem in a variety of lighting–all colored gems will shift their color with the light they are viewed in. In some cases, the color can appear to shift quite dramatically. For example, some teal-colored sapphires will appear much more green under the new LED lighting, and quite blue outdoors. Almost all colored gems will be darker and less lively at night or in low light (although there are some exceptions), and most vivid outdoors in shade or overcast light. Take your time! The easiest way to view the gem is to carefully place it on the back of your hand between two fingers. That will give you a sense of scale and help you visualize how it would appear in a ring. Be careful! Even though many gems are quite hard, you can chip them if you drop them onto a hard surface.

If the gem is perfect, then there’s nothing more to do, unless we are also making your jewelry for you. If we are making the jewelry OR if your gem just isn’t right (for any reason) then read on–we want to make you happy!

How do I Return a Gem?

If the gem you’ve ordered isn’t perfect, or if you ordered several and need to return all but the one you’re keeping, or if we are making your jewelry then simply contact us to arrange the return. We do not include a return label with our packages as we need to be aware of every return headed our way. When you’re ready for a return contact us via email, on the website chat function, or call our 800 number.

We will email you a prepaid and fully insured return label. You can choose either FedEx or UPS based on your preference. The label will come from our insured carrier, Parcel Pro, and it will include instructions on how to properly pack up the gem to return it. Please note that if you fail to follow those instructions you can be liable for the replacement costs if the package is lost or stolen, so follow the directions (we promise, they’re very easy!). Do not reuse any boxes; you can get free new boxes from FedEx or UPS. 

Once we have the gem back from you, we check it back into stock. The gem must be in the original condition–if you accidentally damage it during the time you have it, you are responsible for any costs associated with repairing it or any lost value as a result. Luckily this is a rare situation, so just be careful when you have it. We process the refund of your purchase the same day that we receive the return, and typically you will see the funds back in your account within 24-48 hours, depending on how your bank/credit card company operate. We will refund 100% of the purchase price for gems purchased with a credit or debit card; because we pay a significantly higher charge for orders financed through Affirm, we do charge a 6% restocking fee on orders financed with Affirm. For orders over $1000, the shipping is also refunded; you are responsible for all shipping costs on items under $1000. Please note that international orders and rush shipping are excluded from free return shipping; while we can send you a label to facilitate the process, your refund will be net of the return shipping charges.  Typically this will range between $65-110 USD depending the value of the item and where in the world it is being returned from. 

Please note that we reserve the right to limit the number of free shipping/returns.  There are substantial charges involved for the shipping, insurance and credit card fees, and as a result we will generally limit the number of free returns to no more than two after which orders will be subject to a 10% restocking charge to cover finance charges and shipping fees.

What if I Want to Exchange a Gem?

Sometimes you will get a gem and while it’s not perfect for you, you believe that another one we have will be perfect. In that case, contact us to arrange the return and exchange. To avoid multiple credit card company fee assessments for multiple charges and refunds, we will typically just leave the current charge in place and ship you the new gem as soon as we get the old one back. You get a whole new ten business day review period when the new gem arrives in your possession. If the new gem is perfect and there is a net difference of price–either a refund to you or an additional charge–we will either send a invoice for the balance, or refund you any amount due.  

If you’ve had one of our gems for a longer period of time and want to upgrade, contact us about our trade-in policy.

What if I Want You to Make the Jewelry for my Gem?

We love making custom jewelry pieces with our own gems! If you want to learn more about that process, then check out this page. When we make the jewelry for you, we send you a prepaid return label to ship the gem back to us. Just contact us when you’re sure you’ve got the perfect stone and are ready to move forward with your jewelry. It doesn’t matter when–we’ve made jewelry for clients who bought gems more than a year earlier!

Can I Return Jewelry?

The majority of our jewelry is custom made to fit your gemstone; custom made jewelry is not returnable, although we may be able to work out a reduced cost exchange depending on the individual situation. Ready-to-wear jewelry is returnable with the same ten business day review and return policy as gemstones. It must be received in the same condition as it was shipped or you may be subject to a repair/restocking fee. 

Can I Return a Gem Outside of the Standard Return Period?

We believe our review period is generous and more than adequate for seeing the gem in person and making sure it’s perfect.  That said, sometimes schedules collide, or unforeseen events happen.  If you need a couple of extra days, contact us and we may be able to provide you with an extension.  If you want to return a gem after the return period for a refund, we may assess a restocking fee; depending on the gem being returned and the amount of time that has passed, the fee can vary but at a minimum will be 30% of the purchase price.  You can contact us to discuss this option if necessary.