A photo from a customer review featuring a custom ring set in 14k white gold, featuring heirloom diamonds, a 2.08-carat teal sapphire, and a 0.65-carat pink sapphire

I cannot speak highly enough about working with the Earth’s Treasury team on my custom engagement and wedding ring set! Originally, my fiancee worked with a VA-based local jeweler to create a solitaire ring featuring a Montana sapphire with pave diamonds on the band. However, I kept knocking out the side stones. Inspired by the “Moirae” setting I had seen advertised on social media, I reached out to see if they could use my existing stone in addition to heirloom diamonds from my mother’s wedding ring to reset my engagement ring and create a complimentary wedding band. Turns out, the original center stone was sourced from Earth’s Treasury originally! I wish we had worked with them all along! Working with the design team was so much fun! They took into account the size of the supplied stones and made recommendations on options for the third stone would look proportionally best and also suggested modifications to the design that would make the ring as durable as possible (clearly I am hard on my jewelry!) Throughout the process, they provided videos, digital renderings, and even mailed me a 3D printed prototype so I could see how the ring would look on my finger. The whole process moved quickly, taking just 2.5 months from my initial outreach through to receiving the final product. I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVE the final product.


A photo from a customer review featuring a custom halo ring in platinum with a 1.98-carat Montana sapphire

Back in 2021, my girlfriend indicated that she had a preference for a non-traditional engagement ring. After visiting all the local big-box jewelry retailers, she became discouraged at her options and decided to look online for alternatives. She discovered Earth’s Treasury and I reached out to Jeff Hapeman who quickly responded to my inquiries. The primary appeal of Earth’s Treasury was their excellent selection of Montana sapphires. Once I selected a stone, I began coordinating with Lauryn Volovar who customized the engagement ring and wedding bands. She was extremely accommodating and the ring turned out better than I could’ve imagined. To this day, I catch my wife staring at her rings. She frequently receives compliments whenever she’s wearing it. Since then, I have worked with Earth’s Treasury multiple times. Lauryn assisted me to create a second wedding band that I used to surprised my wife on our wedding day. Lauryn picked gemstones that were very similar to the initial band, further illustrating her attention to detail. At the beginning of 2024, I commissioned Earth’s Treasury to create a pearl pendant, tis time I worked with Julia Ballaron. She was excellent at asking the right questions to extract my vision. After a few iterations, she presented me with a rendering of my idea. Like Lauryn, she was meticulous at selecting stones that worked in the pendant and also matched my wife’s bands. TLDR: Earth’s Treasury does outstanding work. Their fervid passion translates into their work as exceptional artisans.


A photo from a customer review featuring a "Evadne" ring in 14k white gold with 1.34-Carat Montana Sapphire

Lauryn, Jeff and the team at Earth’s Treasury helped me take a unique stone and create a ring to commemorate a special occasion. They took videos of many of their stones in both natural and incandescent light so I could choose the ideal one for me. I chose an aqua/yellow particolor Montana sapphire, and then I was able to see it in renderings of two of their settings and a custom setting I sent a photo of. After deciding on a setting, I received email updates at every step of the process – when the mold was made, when the ring was cast, when it was back at ET’s workshop… all up until it was delivered. I couldn’t be happier with the customer service – and my ring! I highly recommend the stones – and the jewelers at Earth’s Treasury! And thank you (and your team) for shipping it so quickly so I could have it in time for graduation! I’ve been in marketing for over 20 years and went back to school in the summer of 2020 to get my master’s in clinical mental health counseling. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never had the confidence. But, I am so glad I did! I’ve completed it in 4 years while working in marketing full time. I was just hired last month as an outpatient clinician working with individuals who have co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, and I know I’ve made the right decision. Fortunately my husband and now teenage children have been very supportive throughout my journey. The ring is gorgeous and it’s a nice reward to remind myself how hard I worked and how much I accomplished. I really appreciate your help in picking out the design!


A photo from a customer review featuring a Custom ring in 14k yellow gold with 4.74-Carat Montana Sapphire

I wanted to personally reach out to let you know that Brandon proposed and the ring is ABSOLUTELY perfect. I could not be more happy with how it turned out and would not change a thing. It’s only been a week and a half and I have gotten an immense amount of compliments on the ring (many from strangers). The design, the craftsmanship and the stone are stunning and I wanted to thank you both so much for helping my vision come to life. I feel so blessed I get to wear this masterpiece everyday. We intend for this to be an heirloom piece for our future family and I am so grateful you did everything I asked for and more. Jeff – I nerded out about the book and have been educating anyone who asks about the mine and Montana sapphires. We would love to work with you all to have our wedding bands made as well. We are looking at getting married this fall so likely will start that process with you all soon. Thanks again. You all were an absolute pleasure to work with.


A photo from a customer review featuring a straight "Sappho" ring in 14k white gold with 0.86-Carat Montana Sapphire

Jeff and his team are amazing and worked with me to design a customized version of one of their stunning rings. The communication from the start was so quick and responsive – and it’s great being able to speak with the owner of the business, and that it’s a small, US business is amazing. The design process was really thorough and Julia the designer, went out of her way to make sure I could visualize the final design as clearly as possible before production. (Some of the renderings I even wanted to print and frame!) The gem review process was also great, with plenty of time to sit with and choose the perfect sapphire/gem. It is absolutely perfect and my fiancé LOVES her ring and stone – and she gets compliments ALL the time on both. And maybe the biggest compliment – we’re beginning to work with them again on the wedding bands!


A photo from a customer review featuring a 1.49-carat Montana sapphire

We had such a positive experience with Earth’s Treasury, Jeff, and choosing the stone of my dreams!!! When I first saw a “Montana Sapphire,” I knew I wanted one for my engagement ring. After seeing the gorgeous array of stones available at Earth’s Treasury, I knew it’s where we wanted to purchase. We were a bit nervous about purchasing over the internet, but with the videos we were presented it was easy to choose and when we received the stone and saw it in person – it was beyond beautiful! Knowing we had the opportunity to trade for a different stone if we needed to eased our minds as well. If you’re looking for a unique stone – Earth’s Treasury is the place!


A photo from a customer review featuring the "Evelyn ring in 18k white gold with a 2.08-carat Ceylon sapphire

THANK YOU Earth’s Treasury team! The engagement ring is perfect and absolutely stunning!!! My fiancée is completely blown away and in love with the ring- her jaw dropped when she saw it! Jeff, Nina, and Julia I appreciate all your help, diligence, and support. Thank you all so so much for not only bringing the perfect engagement ring to life but making the whole process seamless!! Being so far away and trying to find the right ring is stressful, but you made it so easy. My fiancée and I are so incredibly happy and thankful!! We will be back for the wedding band!! Cheers and thank you again!


A photo from a customer review featuring a custom two-tone engagement ring and bracelet

I had the pleasure of working with many members of the staff of Earth’s Treasury for my custom engagement/commitment ring and commitment bracelet. The process started with selecting the stone for my engagement ring. I was looking for a parti-color blue/orange sapphire as I wanted a stone that represented fire and ice. Jeff sent me videos of the different blue/orange Montana sapphires that I had selected on the website. The gems were beautiful but didn’t quite fit the look I was going for. Learning from Jeff that the blue-orange combo is quite rare, I was about to change my vision to a two-stone theme. But below and behold, I was emailed the day before my birthday about a blue/orange Montana sapphire that had just come in and the staff wanted to know if I wanted to proceed with it for my engagement ring. It was a very quick “yes” from me and I was put in touch with Nina from the shipping department who had the sapphire sent out to me so I could see it in person before making my final decision. The sapphire was perfect for me and then I was directed to Lauryn, the head of the jewelry design team to start creating my custom ring. The entire custom design process was a lot of fun from start to finish. Based on my vision, timeline and budget, Lauryn put me in touch with their Senior Jewelry designer, Julia. I had A LOT of ideas for my engagement/commitment ring (too many honestly) and Julia gave the best suggestion of taking elements I had listed in my ring design and having a second, complimentary piece of jewelry created. In the end, I opted to have an asymmetrical fire/ice ring made with orange accent sapphires on one side to bring out the orange in the main blue/orange sapphire; the other side represented wings from a bird (a goose in my case). For my custom commitment bracelet, I chose a claddagh bracelet that had two geese (instead of two hands) holding the center heart with accent blue sapphires around the entire bracelet as well orange color-treated diamonds in the crown to tie in with the engagement ring. We even added some Greek holloware inspiration as I wanted to fuse my Irish heritage with my future husband’s Greek heritage into the design of the bracelet. For both jewelry items, Julia was in touch with me throughout the entire process which involved sketches, inspiration ideas, and CAD renderings, as well as 3D printed versions mailed out to me to check out the fit. In the end, I ended up with two BEAUTIFUL custom jewelry items. My partner proposed with the ring a couple months after we received it (I didn’t look at in person until the proposal so the real-life version was a surprise) and I wear my claddagh bracelet with it in the “engaged” orientation and can’t wait to wear it soon in the “married” orientation. Thank you everyone at Earth’s Treasury! I am head over heels for my custom jewelry items and couldn’t recommend this company enough!


A photo from a customer review featuring a hand wearing a "Vela" ring in platinum with 1.68-carat Montana sapphire

I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for the incredible service during my engagement ring exchange. Your hassle-free process and attentive online support made everything so smooth. I’m absolutely in love with my new ring! Here are a few snapshots I’ve made with my iPhone. No camera can do justice to it! 🙂


The "Isolde" ring in platinum with 1.51-carat Montana sapphire

I have purchased two rings through Earth’s Treasury, and both experiences were exceptional. The rings in person exactly match the pictures, so if you love the design on the website, you will love the design in person. It was my first time purchasing more custom jewelry, and they made it very approachable. At different ranges of the process I interacted with about four different team members, and each one was very helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive. Selecting the stones was probably the most daunting part, but Earth’s Treasury did two really helpful things: 1) Once you have narrowed it down to 5-10 stones, they will take additional pictures and videos of the stones in several different lighting environments. These can also be side by side for direct comparisons between stones. 2) Once I had selected and purchased the stone, they mailed it to me so that I could inspect it in person to ensure it was perfect. They do this ahead of any physical work on the ring so that if you don’t love the stone, you can swap it out without any issue. Honestly, it all ended up a pretty fun process and I’m looking forward to future occasions to use Earth’s Treasury.


A photo from a customer review with two rings not made by Earth's treasury, then on the right: a custom three stone ring in 14k yellow gold with a 3.50-Carat Montana Sapphire

Huge thanks to everyone on the Earth’s treasury team! They were incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and collaborative in building out the perfect ring for my fiancée. Couldn’t recommend them more!


A custom ring in platinum with a Celtic design with a 1.06-carat Montana sapphire

We worked with Lauryn and Julia on custom rings. They were kind and patient as we worked through the design process. We received our rings today and absolutely love them. The craftsmanship is top notch and they’re exactly what we wanted. I would absolutely do business again with Earth’s Treasury.


I had a wonderful experience purchasing a Montana sapphire from Earth’s Treasury. They have a far wider selection of gems than other vendors I considered. I had actually purchased a gem from another jeweler, and I returned it when I discovered the options available at Earth’s Treasury. They also have excellent customer service. Jeff is very responsive with all communications. I really appreciated the videos they sent me of various stones in different light so I could select the perfect item. Would very highly recommend Earth’s Treasury! I will definitely be returning for future purchases.


A photo from a customer review featuring a petite pave "Eugenie" ring in 14k yellow gold with a 1.52-carat Montana sapphire

I want to thank Jeffrey and everyone at the earth treasury team for making my engagement ring dreams a reality!! The ring is beyond perfect and I am so incredibly happy!! They were there for me and my fiancé every step of the way!! If you were on the fence about ordering online and not a jeweler you will not be disappointed!! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!


Found this store through the Reddit community. Learned about sapphires through their various resources online. Ordered and received a beautiful gem in the mail 3 days later (fast!!) with documentation. Will come back to shop again.


Love my stud earrings! I asked multiple questions and every question was answered in details by Jeff. Great customer service too!


A photo from a customer review featuring a ring not made by Earth's Treasury featuring a 1.75-Carat Montana sapphire

Born and raised in Montana, I was on the hunt for the perfect purple MT sapphire for my engagement ring. I was referred to Earth’s Treasury by 2 separate jewelers so I diligently stalked their website for months and asked for videos of MANY different Montana sapphires that Jeff and his team always sent very quickly. After deciding on a stone, the ordering process was easy and their communication with arranging shipping for when I would be available to sign for the package was a breeze. The stone I ordered, while beautiful, was not quite the color I was hoping for–but I was able to exchange it for a different stone. The exchange process was very easy and I’m happy to report the 2nd stone I ordered was the one! I absolutely love the ring i was able to create with it 🤩


The "Ilana" ring in 14k yellow gold with 1.45-carat Australian sapphire

I bought two rings from Earth’s Treasury. They are both gorgeous! The stones are beautifully cut and the metalwork is excellent.


The "Holly" ring in 14k rose gold with a 0.84-carat Montana sapphire

I couldn’t recommend this company highly enough. The pricing is fair, the customization process is easy, and they frequently follow up on both the status of your order and exactly what qualities you are prioritizing. I was a bit worried about ordering a gem online, but they even sent me videos of the actual gem to see how it looks in natural light! I will definitely buy from them again in the future.


A photo from a customer review featuring a "Linden" ring in platinum with 0.94-carat Montana sapphire

Can’t recommend these jewelers enough! My partner and I found Earth’s Treasury when we were looking to design a one of a kind sapphire engagement ring. Their selection of gems and ring designs was impressive to say the least, and they also do a great job of providing the origin of their materials. The website was sleek and easily to use. When we contacted them about some unique requests, they invited us to their charming workshop In Pennsylvania, made 3D renderings of the designs we requested, and gave us the grand tour as well! Not only were they able to accommodate every one of our requests, they did so quickly and without charging us any extra fees! The ring, once ordered, arrived within a month, and is now resting happily on my fiancée’s finger. It was so much more beautiful in person than either of us imagined!


I was having a hard time finding a sapphire for an engagement ring, but when I found Earth’s Treasury everything became easy, even fun. There were lots of options that were easy to search and evaluate. When I made requests to see videos comparing options, I received responses quickly. This helped me make my decision with the best information possible. Delivery was painless and the stone was well-packaged. They even suggested a better location to which to deliver it. Would use again for any future stone shopping.


A custom ring in 14k yellow gold with a 1.01-carat diamond

Fantastic job from Jeff and his team designing and building a custom engagement ring. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.


A ring not made by Earth's Treasury featuring a Montana sapphire

I was very happy with my experience. Jeff was super helpful as I made my decision and is a fun gem nerd to talk with. Just got my ring back from my local jeweler (I replaced a scratched stone with my sapphire in an existing ring) and am thrilled.


The "Holly" ring in 18k yellow gold with a 2.07-carat Montana sapphire

All I can say is that Jeff and the rest of the folks at Earth’s Treasury have made buying an engagement ring an extremely smooth process. My specific requests were fielded and Jeff helped me decide on the perfect center stone after some weeks going back and forth. Kudos to you all for being so professional and personal!