A photo from a customer review, featuring a ring not made by Earth's Treasury including a 2.30-Carat Spruce Green Montana Sapphire

I had a wonderful experience shopping online with Earth’s Treasury. They provided high quality videos upon request before I ordered a few stones to view at home. I looked at teal stones from a couple of places and Earth’s Treasury’s brilliant and gorgeous cuts stood out for me. It was an easy and pleasant experience working with Jeff, Nina, Lauryn, and Tessa to find my stone. While I had the stone put into a piece by family for a personal touch, I’m just so happy Earth’s Treasury had a center piece that I know I will treasure forever and always adore.


I had an amazing shopping experience. Unfortunately I had to return the beautiful sapphire, but the return process was also very easy. Every staff member who helped me made everything great with their patience and communication. I loved how they were able to get videos of the different sapphires I was considering, and in different lighting. I will always refer friends/family to them for natural gemstones and I can’t wait to make future purchases.


The "Mari" ring in 14k white gold with a 1.52-carat Montana sapphire

Earth’s Treasury & Crew, I have successfully received my father’s ring and have had the honor of being able to wear it and appreciate it since. It means a lot to me to be able to wear this. Y’all did an amazing job with it and I am very excited and satisfied with what y’all were able to do for me. Really appreciate all of your team’s outstanding communication, speedy replies, quick deliveries and professionalism across all fronts. Y’all have been so helpful with such valuable and important things that I don’t fret delivering things all the way from Texas to Pennsylvania and it is purely because of all that I have mentioned above. I usually prefer doing business of any sort locally, but y’all have been so reliable and consistent that I am confident in your business and services and will continue to be a customer anytime I have jewelry needs. I have experienced very poor customer service with most companies I have conducted business with in the past few years. Thank you for consistently standing out and doing such great work. My deepest appreciation,


The "Ivey" ring in 14k white gold with a 1.32-carat Montana sapphire, alongside the petite pave diamond contour band in 14k white gold

Professional service. Jeff was quick to assist and help as well as Julia with the design. I haven’t received the rings as of yet and will post pics when received. The process has been easy all questions answered promptly which helps the ease of online ordering. We are confident this team will produce the rings the we are expecting.


The "Vanessa" in 18k yellow gold with 3.30-carat Montana sapphire

We headed into redwoods national park from Crescent City, CA. Our destination was the Grove of Titans trail head. Surrounded by the massive redwoods trees we hiked to the end of the out and back trail. We got to the end of the trail and we’re completely alone underneath the immense canopy of leaves. I knew it was the perfect moment. She was trying to take a selfie of us and when she turned around I was down on my knee. She was absolutely floored. I couldn’t have provided her a better experience. I wanted to thank you again for the role you played in making this crazy plan happen. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE!!!!!!


A photo from a customer review featuring a white gold "Kacie: ring and ombre "Rhine" band, as well as a yellow gold plain men's band

I could not be happier with my experience in designing an engagement ring. The stone selection they have for Montana sapphires is unrivaled. I spent a ton of time searching for the perfect stone to create the perfect ring and kept coming back to them due to their selection, no pressure approach, and impeccable service and responsiveness. Huge thank you to Jeff and the entire team at Earth’s Treasury for the exceptional business they have built to help navigate what can be a difficult process. I’m sincerely grateful.


A photo from a customer review showing a Toi et Moi ring in a ring box

I just received my ring, and it is beautiful. The gold was quite substantial given how slender the design appears. I had such a wonderful experience through this process, and would recommend it to anyone.


A photo from a customer review featuring a "Twyg" ring in 14k rose gold with a 2.16-carat Montana sapphire

What can I say except the team at Earth’s Treasury is INCREDIBLE! Lauren is an amazing designer! Jeff and the team worked closely with my husband not just once, but twice, to create beautiful custom pieces – my wedding set and a matching pendant. I am a customer for life, and I cannot wait to work with them again.


They have a wonderful selection of Sapphires and more! The staff is very friendly and helpful.


The "Virona" ring in 18k white gold with a 1.03-carat Montana sapphire, alongside the "Alzette" band in 18k white gold

The entire experience has been a gem.


A photo from a customer review, featuring a yellow sapphire "Ruenna" ring and a custom sapphire "Merope" band on a well-manicured hand overlooking a garden.

Hi Jeff– I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for all of your help in creating my dream ring, and doing it in time for my wedding! Lauryn and Nina were so helpful throughout the process. I was just floored by how quickly they got back to me, how helpful they were in choosing stones and settings, and how they listened to all my questions and ideas, no matter how silly, and gave solid, knowledgeable answers about what options were feasible, how it would look, and so on. And now, I have a little sunset! On my hand! I could not be happier, and I will definitely be recommending you to everyone! Thanks again,


An engagement photo from a customer review featuring a "Kacie" ring with a royal blue oval sapphire, on a well-manicured hand against ocean waves

Simply incredible. Choosing an engagement ring can be nerve racking, but Jeff and his team at Earth’s Treasury are rock stars. It’s the best customer service I’ve experienced anywhere, period. If you’re looking for a sapphire, and I mean this, don’t bother looking elsewhere. My fiancé loves it and I love this company almost as much as I love this ring. If I could give 10 out of 5 stars, I would.


A photo from a customer review featuring a custom ring set with multicolored Montana sapphires reminiscent of fall leaves

Unbeatable value. Exceptional talent. Fantastic selection. Wonderful human beings. If you read no further, please know that I’ve already done the research for you, and these guys are THE BEST. I’m a nerd. I found Jeff’s name surfing rock nerd forums for *their* opinions of the best sapphires on the market. Trust the nerds. Of course, I thought I was just sapphire shopping. But Jeff mentioned that he employed a design team, and what a designer Lauryn has been for us. Talk about concierge service. And she produced a piece of art so stunning, I honestly laugh to think about the sheer number of hours I’ve tallied up staring at it over the last three years. It was such an enjoyable experience that my husband wanted in on it, designing his incredible wedding band with Lauryn as well. We aren’t done, either, with two more fun projects in the works, and just as many as I can justify to myself in the future. Have a minute? Go check out the process that generated this very ring under the Custom Jewelry link at the website. It’s awfully cool. Then again… I’m a nerd. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The gem of gem companies. INCREDIBLE customer service, ethically dedicated, sourced and cut in-house, tons of educational resources, and the most beautifully cut gems I’ve ever seen. I found it hard to pick just one, as each one is a masterpiece. The education and the gems re-awakened a part of my heart, and opened my eyes to the color all around me. I found everything I could ever ask for and more with this company, and am so thankful and hopeful for their continued success.


A photo from a customer review featuring a the "Madeline" pave ring with an icy blue square sapphire

The quality and amazing selection of different colored sapphires is what drew me to Earth’s Treasury. I knew I didn’t want a traditional diamond engagement ring. After seeing their sapphires and reputation I felt completely comfortable getting my stone from them. Their staff did a fantastic job working with me to create a setting like one I had tried on at a local jewelry store. It was a wonderful process, they were very helpful in answering all my questions and the ring is simply breathtakingly beautiful! I love that I have a ring every bit as unique as me!


A photo from a customer review featuring a custom cluster ring with a large blue-green oval Montana sapphire on a baby-pink manicured hand against a beach

My fiancé and I worked with Earth’s Treasury together to pick a sapphire and design a ring. Jeff was extremely helpful in actually picking a stone. After we sent a request for a few videos and didn’t feel like we’d found that right one, Jeff reached out and helped pick a new selection of 5 stones to review online that were all in our budget, in the shape and color we wanted, and fit in well with the inspiration photos we sent them. We then ordered one stone to review in person and ultimately decided to order a second one for comparison. They were very responsive about timelines for shipping everything back for a refund and accommodated us needing one extra day so we would both be home at the same time to make the decision together. The design team was equally helpful. We sent in a wide variety of rings all with different/small aspects we liked from Instagram. They were able to combine a lot of different features we wanted and sent us a file to review. We were able to make some nitpicky changes to the design and they were very helpful and open to making tiny changes before finalizing the design. They happily answered all of our questions and were extremely transparent about any changes that would need to be made to the stone to fit the setting correctly. Overall, it was an extremely smooth process, despite us obviously having a lot of questions and concerns about making this investment. Everyone was responsive, patient, and helpful. We plan on using Earth’s Treasury again for a complementary wedding band.

Kenny and Amelia

A studio shot of a custom pendant featuring diamonds and yogo sapphires.

I’ve bought and received a few different pieces over the years from Earth’s Treasury over the past few years. Without exception the customer service and product quality is beyond reproach. Their creativity and personal touch gives each piece they’ve created for us a very one of a kind feel and look. My wife has been absolutely thrilled with each piece created by the fine folks at Earths Treasury. It’s her go to jewelry for most occasions. Many Thanks for all the hard and tedious work you’ve put into each and every piece you create.


A photo from a customer review featuring a platinum "Erythia" ring with a blue square sapphire

From the start, we knew we did not want a diamond ring and were very disappointed with the selection of non-diamond rings that were in the physical engagement stores. Feeling somewhat dejected, we did some googling, redditing, and instagram searching, and we found Earth Treasury. We instantly fell in love with the gems and settings they had available online. We immediately contacted them, and let me tell you, start-to-finish the process was very enjoyable and very professional. We were a bit apprehensive about buying rings online, but I can attest to the professionalism that we experienced with working with Jeff, Lauryn and Tessa. We got immediate responses to our questions, quick turnarounds on pictures and information on the gems we were interested in, and once we selected a gem and paid for it, it was sent to us through Fedex overnight so that we could take a look and confirm that it was indeed the gem we wanted. We also got sent some ring sizers to confirm our sizes. Finally, they provided a rendering of the selected gem using the design we chose. It was all done so efficiently and quickly because we had a pretty strict deadline to get the rings ready. Once everything was agreed upon, the final rings took a little time to process, but we were kept informed the whole way. In addition, they also sent us complimentary ring appraisals from a third party and offered free ring-resizing within the first six months. All to say, I was very impressed with their process and am totally in love with the ring we chose!! My fiance also ended up getting a ring from them and they managed to find a close-to-identical gem for his ring also. I would 100% recommend Earth’s Treasury to anyone – my interaction with them was awesome and stress-free, and I ended up with the ring that I wanted!


A photo from a customer review featuring a gold "Clematis" ring with orangey red garnet and custom diamond band, as well as a custom floral scroll men's band

My fiancé designed my engagement ring with a woman name, Lauryn. She(my ring) was stunning. I could not wait to start the process on my wedding band. I believe Lauren had already started sketching my wedding band for me, she was sweet to give me more than one option. Julia was incredible to work with, very patient and helpful! She even help design a gold band I could wear for my adventurous days! The ladies at Earth’s Treasury have great taste and beautiful work! I will have all my rings done with them! Cheers to beautiful and honest work!

Tyler T, SC 💕

The "Cordlia" ring in 14k white gold with a 1.20-carat Montana sapphire, alongside a custom sapphire "Cordelia" band in 14k white gold

I can’t even begin to say how wonderful it is to work with Earth’s Treasury. Their communication is stellar and they are so nice, friendly, helpful and professional. Their selections of stones is vast to meet a range of budgets and styles. I ended up choosing a particolored Montana Sapphire for my center stone and while the pictures they sent looked beautiful, I can’t even begin to tell you how blown away I was by the beauty of my rings when I opened the box for the first time. Just stunning! I honestly can’t believe that I am lucky enough to wear these two beautiful pieces of art on my finger every day. Thank you so much Earth’s Treasury!!


A photo from a customer review featuring a yellow gold "Venus" ring with a teal oval sapphire on a pink-manicured hand against grass

Thank you so much Earth’s Treasury for helping me create some truly beautiful heirloom pieces! I love my medium blue Umba sapphire. I’ve wanted a bezel setting for a while and I am so glad that that I went with the Isolde setting. Simply stunning! Then there is my Montana teal blue ring. What a gorgeous stone! I cannot get over how much it sparkles and glimmers no matter the light condition. I’m beyond impressed with the setting that I chose for it. The Venus is epic. Combined with the center Montana stone, it is definitely one of the best pieces of jewelry that I own. The customer service at Earth’s Treasury is top notch. The owner Jeffrey is very patient and was extremely helpful. He answered all of my questions and was a able to help me choose a beautiful stone that fit my budget. Lauryn the lead designer is wonderful too. She helped me with the design of my Venus ring and as I already stated, I’m enamored with it! Her passion truly shows in her work. I will definitely be doing business with this company again. Thanks so much!


A photo from a customer review featuring a yellow gold "Clarice" ring and plain band with a red-orange round sapphire

Earth’s Treasury made my engagement ring and wedding band and I LOVE them. The beautiful 2.30 carat pinkish orange umba sapphire is such a unique colour. I love looking at it in different lighting. The setting is their Freya engagement ring. It was easy working with them to pick the correct setting once I chose the sapphire. They suggested notching the wedding band they made so the two fit together flush. I live in Canada and they used fedex international priority shipping and packaged it super securely. Now I have my eye on getting some green Montana sapphire earrings. : )


The "Cathedral" ring in 14k yellow gold with a 1.71-carat diamond

Earth’s Treasury made the process purchasing a ring for my now-fiancee a great experience. When it comes to jewelry, especially diamonds and rings, I knew next to nothing when I started this process. Lauryn worked with me on finding the best diamond, in the right shape, and was extremely patient and thorough. Not only was the final product gorgeous, in clarity, shape and style, but my fiancee loved it—-and I genuinely learned a lot as Lauryn explained the process to me and answered all of my various questions. I have only ever searched for one engagement ring, but after going through it, and speaking with others who have as well, I can’t imagine a nicer, more rewarding experience than the one that I had with Lauryn and the Earth’s Treasury team. They do fantastic, gorgeous work, and clearly take a lot of pride and joy in working with their customers.


The "Juniper" ring in platinum with a 1.04-carat Montana sapphire

Similar to others that have reviewed here, I found Earth’s Treasury while looking for Montana Sapphires and finally felt like I found what I was looking for as far as designs and stone selection. They made the entire process of ordering a ring super easy and were very responsive to every question I asked, and the ring also turned out amazing! I really couldn’t have asked for a better customer experience.