Hi Jeff, The sapphire arrived safely yesterday. It is lovely. Thank you so much.


Jeff, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for being so patient, kind and helpful with our stone selection process. We couldn’t be more happy and everytime I take a peep at the stone, I say to myself, “That is exactly what I was looking for.” I am happy to leave a raving review for you, if you have any sites that I can do so.


Jeff, The ring arrived and is absolutely beautiful! OH MY GOSH! SHE WILL LOVE IT! You are absolutely a life saver with pulling this off in this short of time frame. I owe you one 🙂


Hi Jeff, The stone is fascinating. Gorgeous. I was waiting for the sun to come out before I let you know my reaction — the sun finally made an appearance today. It’s a busy little stone. I think what I like best about it is that it behaves a little like a rich African amethyst. The light angle will cause the stone to go dark, but I can see sort of a red, glowing skeleton of the facets. Other times when it goes dark, I just see flashes. It puts out amazing flashes. There is some peach in the stone, too. I love that it has red AND blue flashes (and some peach, a bonus for me). I finally got to see the color shift when the sun came out — I don’t live or work in white light, so needed white daylight to see that. I also like the shape and cutting. I would say I’m very pleased. Thank you for cutting this stone for me.


I just want to tell everyone: If you want some awesome jewelry get it here! My wife and I now look like the truly fancy ladies that we are, with the most beautiful wedding rings we could ask for! After I got a pink tourmaline ring we loved it so much we asked what he had in purple and he had that beautiful amethyst ring custom made for us very quickly!!! Plus Jeff answers all your questions and all the stones are ethically mined which is important to me 🙂 I think the prices are great considering the quality of the product!


A photo from a customer review featuring a Montana sapphire set in a ring not made by Earth's Treasury

We’re so lucky to have met you and had the opportunity to pick out one of your gorgeous stones! It’s a true work of art that really makes the ring.


A photo from a customer review featuring a 5.64-Carat Montana sapphire set in a ring not made by Earth's Treasury

Hi Jeff, I wanted to show you where your great work ended up – hope you like it. I don’t have it in hand yet, but looks promising.