In-House Design and Precision Gem Cutting

We are proud to say that here at Earth’s Treasury we do it all–from cutting the gemstones from the mined rough crystals, to designing and making our own jewelry right here in our shop outside of Philadelphia, PA.  There’s nothing mass-produced or outsourced just to cut corners and save costs!  All of our work is done here in the USA, including any work with partner with others to complete.  Read on and learn more.

Precision Gem Cutting

All of our gems are cut here in the US, with very few exceptions which are clearly noted.  Our founder Jeff has won multiple awards for his gem cutting, and every design we use when cutting our gems has been carefully created and then optimized–sometimes over a period a several years–to provide the best color and sparkle, all while respecting the rough but wasting as little as possible in the cutting process.  You can watch an interview of Jeff conducted by GIA at the 2019 Tucson gem shows where he talks about his gem design philosophy:

In addition to our own cutting and gem designs, we also work with a select handful of skilled lapidary artists here in the US to cut or recut many of our gems.  Every artist is given credit on the gem listing.

In-House Jewelry Design and Fabrication

Just like our gem design work, our jewelry design work–and fabrication–is done almost 100% here in our shop in Pennsylvania.  Our team of highly-skilled and professionally-trained jewelry artists are constantly creating new jewelry designs to keep up with the latest trends, and they also will work directly with you to design virtually anything you can imagine.  You can learn more about our custom design process here:  Custom Jewelry Process.