0.60-Carat Light Golden Yellow Grossular Garnet



A beautiful light golden yellow grossular garnet from Kenya, 0.60 carats.

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Grossular garnet is perhaps the least-known of the gem garnets, and yet it deserves broader recognition, as it can be fashioned into gorgeous gemstones.  The only commonly-known grossular garnets are the green varieties–deep green tsavorite and lighter green Merelani Mint garnet.  Grossular garnet can actually be found in a broad range of colors, from reds to oranges, yellows and greens.  Indeed, some of the rarest of all gem garnets are colorless to nearly colorless grossulars referred to as “leucogarnets.” This particular grossular garnet comes from Kenya, where several small finds of pastel-colored grossular garnets have been made.

This gem is faceted in my custom “Helena” brilliant oval design, and it is quite brilliant in the hand.  The gem weighs 0.83 carats and measures 6.0 x 5.0 x 3.8 mm.  It has excellent clarity, making it bright and scintillating in the hand. There may be tiny inclusions that are visible only with a 10x loupe.

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