1.07-Carat Light Pink Ceylon Sapphire


A pretty light pink heated Ceylon sapphire in a classic square cushion design, 1.07 carats.

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This lovely heated Ceylon sapphire is a light pink color.  Sri Lanka (formerly called Ceylon) is famous for its gemstones, especially sapphires.  The government has maintained regulation over mining to prevent large-scale environmentally destructive mining from occurring, encouraging small-scale artisanal mining.  The same applies to their gem cutting industry, with many small artisanal gem cutters working in the country, often having done so for generations within a family.

This sapphire is quite clean and has been heated to improve the clarity.  It has one tiny crystal inclusion visible in the macro image, but its not visible in the hand without a 10x loupe.  This sapphire was faceted in Sri Lanka in a classic square cushion shape and is well-cut enough that I decided not to recut it.  The gem weighs 1.07 carats and measures 6.3 x 6.0 x 3.2 mm.  It would make the perfect gem for a unique engagement ring!

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