1.14-Carat Steely Blue-Green to Pale Lavender Color-Change Montana Sapphire (Heated)


A beautiful steely blue-green to gray-lavender color-change heated Montana sapphire in a classic diamond round brilliant design, 1.14 carats.

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This beautiful heated Montana sapphire is a rarity–a color-change sapphire.  In daylight and some fluorescent lights it appears a steely blue-green color, with faint hints of purple, while under incandescent light, it changes to a pale gray-lavender color.  The color was developed by heating the gem in Montana, but no other treatments were made to the gem.  The treatment is permanent and stable and not only develops the color, but also improves the clarity.  This gem has excellent clarity, with just one tiny inclusion that is not visible without a 10x loupe.  Its very brilliant in the hand!

This sapphire is faceted in my modified version of the classic diamond round brilliant cut, optimized for sapphire and cut to “hearts and arrows” precision.  The gem weighs 1.14 carats and measures 6.1 x 4.0 mm.  It would make an amazing center stone for a unique and one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

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