1.27-Carat Mandarin Orange Nigerian Spessartine Garnet


A gorgeous mandarin orange Nigerian spessartine garnet in a custom rectangle cushion design, 1.27 carats.

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Nigeria is the source of many fine gemstones, including some beautiful spessartine garnets such as this one.  This garnet is a beautiful mandarin orange color, showing flashes of lighter orange and red when it’s held in the hand.  While it has a small amount of tiny inclusions, this is fairly typical for spessartine garnet and they are almost impossible to see in the hand without a 10x loupe–it’s an eye-clean gemstone.

The garnet is faceted in a custom rectangle cushion design; the result is a glittering beauty of a gem.  The gem weighs 1.27 carats and measures 6.7 x 5.1 x  4.1 mm.  It would make quite a statement as the center stone of a unique ring!

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