1.33-Carat Intense Orange Montana Sapphire


A gorgeous intense orange unheated Montana sapphire in my custom “Helena” brilliant oval design, 1.33 carats.

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This beautiful unheated Montana sapphire is a gorgeous intense orange, bringing to mind a Montana sunset. The gem is 100 percent natural and untreated in any way. The sapphire has excellent clarity, making it bright and scintillating in the hand. Rutile silk gives it a soft glow. There may be tiny inclusions that are visible with a 10x loupe that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

This sapphire is faceted in my custom “Helena” brilliant oval design that I’ve created and optimized for sapphire; the result is a glittering beauty of a gemstone. The gem weighs 1.33 carats and measures 5.8 mm x 5.8 mm x 4.4 mm; the perfect size for an engagement ring.

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