1.42-Carat Rich Teal-Blue Particolored Montana Sapphire (Heated)



A beautiful particolored heated Montana sapphire in our “Stella” brilliant square cushion design, 1.42 carats.

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This heated Montana sapphire is a unique combination of rich blue and rich teal blue-green. The gem shows flashes of the two colors, creating a “particolored” effect. The color was developed by heating the sapphire in Montana, but no other treatments were used. The treatment is permanent and stable and not only develops the color, but also improves the clarity. It has very small inclusions that are quite difficult to see with the unaided eye from a normal viewing distance. There is also a slight haze to the gem from undissolved rutile silk that gives the gem a soft glow. The inclusions and haze have been factored into the price, making this a great value for the size and color.

This sapphire is faceted in our “Stella” brilliant square cushion design and cut to high precision; the result is a glittering beauty of a gemstone. The gem weighs 1.42 carats and measures 6.4 x 4.3 mm.


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