1.70-Carat Pastel Pyrope Color-Change Garnet


A beautiful rare color-change pastel pyrope garnet in my custom “Helena” oval, 1.70 carats.

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This garnet comes from a small lot of old rough that came out Tanzania in late 2013.  There was a very limited supply of this rough and I was lucky to acquire a decent amount.  It has been identified as a rare form of pyrope garnet called pastel pyrope. The GIA published a research note on these garnets in their summer 2015 issue of Gems and Gemology and a more detailed article is forthcoming.  It has excellent brilliance and dispersion and shows a gorgeous color shift from hot pink to purple, depending on the lighting. Under most fluorescent lighting and some newer LED lights the garnet is a rich purple color, while under incandescent light it changes to a hot pink.  In daylight it appears pinkish-purple with flashes of blue and red–really quite a beautiful garnet.

These garnets all tend to have tiny tube-like inclusions as well as rutile needles, and this gem is no exception, but it requires a loupe to see them–its eye clean. I cut this gem in my custom “Helena” brilliant oval cushion design.  It weighs 1.70 carats and measures 7.6 x 6.4 x 4.8 mm.

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