1.84-Carat Pink-Peach Pastel Pyrope Garnet
1.84-Carat Pink-Peach Pastel Pyrope Garnet
Studio fluorescent light: 1.84-Carat Peach Imperial Malaia Garnet
1.84-Carat Peach Imperial Malaia Garnet

1.84-Carat Pink-Peach Pastel Pyrope Garnet



A beautiful 1.84-carat bright peach-pink pastel pyrope garnet in a custom square cushion design.

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This gorgeous pastel pyrope garnet is a remarkably pure light pink color–a very uncommon color in garnets and very rare for a predominantly pyrope garnet.  While the color shifts slightly with different lighting, the overall pink color is what dominates, with mainly the intensity varying with light source–although any light with significant UV output does enhance the red component, as this garnet has chromium content and fluoresces a bright red color. The garnet has some natural inclusions of very fine rutile needles and one or crystal inclusions, which is typical for this type of garnet. None of the inclusions are easily visible in the hand and take close inspection to see–these macro photos make them appear for more prominent than they are in the hand. Indeed, it’s the fine haze of tiny internal rutile needles that give the garnet its beautiful glow. At just the right angle, you can see tiny sparkles of light from them, and under a loupe they are beautiful little spikes of purple-red and silver.

I had this gem and a few other unusual garnets like it that I had received analyzed since they are so unusual.  They turned out to be a rare type of garnet referred to as “pastel pyrope” garnets.  These are unusual pale-colored garnets that are predominantly pyrope in their composition.  The pink garnets I had analyzed ranged from 63-69% pyrope and 28-31% almandine with remainder of their composition as grossular garnet.  I faceted it in a custom mixed square cushion to highlight the brilliance of the stone.  The gem weighs 1.84 carats, and measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 4.8 mm.

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