2.01-Carat Intense Yellow Nigerian Sapphire (Heated)


A beautiful intense yellow Nigerian sapphire in our “hearts and arrows” diamond round brilliant design, 2.01 carats.

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This beautiful sapphire comes from Kaduna, Nigeria. While most of the sapphires from Kaduna are deep blue or blue-green, a small number are a beautiful rich yellow, like this one.  This gem has been most likely been subject to low-temperature heat treatment.  The original piece of rough had a small zone of blue that I cut away to create this pure yellow finished gemstone.  It has remarkable clarity, and is nearly flawless.  There is some internal crystal graining and one tiny remnant of a feather visible in this macro image, they are not visible without a 10x loupe, and even then they are difficult to spot.

The sapphire weighs 2.01 carats and measures 6.9 x 5.1 mm.  It would make a superb center stone for a unique engagement ring.

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