2.36-Carat Light Yellow-Green to Blue-Green Montana Sapphire


A beautiful light blue-green to yellow-green unheated sapphire from Montana, large for the locality at 2.36 carats.

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This lovely unheated sapphire is a beautiful mix of light yellow-green and blue-green colors.  Depending on the lighting, different colors can predominate, with the blue and blue-green being more prominent in fluorescent light, while the yellow and yellow-green predominate in sunlight and incandescent light. There is a very light amount of very fine rutile silk in this gem, but its not visible without a 10x loupe.  In the hand this is a very bright and scintillating gemstone.

This sapphire is faceted in the classic diamond round brilliant design, cut to “hearts and arrows” precision.  It weighs 2.36 carats and measures 8.0 x 5.0 mm.  It would make an amazing center stone for a beautiful engagement ring!

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