4.19-Carat Aquamarine Blue Montana Sapphire
4.19-Carat Aquamarine Blue Montana Sapphire
4.19-Carat Aquamarine Blue Montana Sapphire

4.19-Carat Aquamarine Blue Montana Sapphire



A gorgeous aquamarine blue unheated Montana sapphire, very large for the locality at 4.19 carats.

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This gorgeous unheated Montana sapphire is a wonderful shade of light blue-green, reminiscent of the color of an unheated aquamarine.  Like nearly all unheated Montana sapphires, the color will shift with the lighting: Under incandescent light it looks more silvery-blue, while under fluorescent the color appears a brighter blue with a tint of green and in daylight the color deepens.  While the macro image shows some internal inclusions, they are tiny and can’t be seen in the hand without a loupe–face up its an eye clean gemstone and an extremely bright an brilliant one, as it has virtually no rutile silk.  In daylight or other bright light it actually shows flashes of dispersion, a testament to the high clarity of the gem.

I faceted this sapphire in a custom oval design that I created just for Montana sapphire.  I’ve named the design “Helena” in honor of the capital of Montana, located just a few miles from the famed sapphire deposits of the El Dorado Bar on the Missouri River, where this sapphire came from.    The design is very bright and creates a beautiful pattern of scintillation in the hand.  This sapphire is very large for a Montana sapphire: it weighs 4.19 carats and measures 9.7 x 7.7 x 6.7 mm.  Only a handful of sapphires are found in Montana each year that are large enough and clean enough to facet a gem of this size–making it a true collector’s item.


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