1.12-Carat Yellow Ceylon Sapphire


A beautiful yellow heated Ceylon sapphire in a Portuguese round design, 1.12 carats.

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This lovely heated Ceylon sapphire is a bright yellow color.  Sri Lanka (formerly called Ceylon) is famous for its gemstones, especially sapphires.  The government has maintained regulation over mining to prevent large-scale environmentally destructive mining from occurring, encouraging small-scale artisanal mining.  The same applies to their gem cutting industry, with many small artisanal gem cutters working in the country, often having done so for generations within a family.

This sapphire is eye clean and has been heated to improve the clarity. There is a pair of internal feathers that are visible in the macro image, but they are not visible in the hand without a 10x loupe. The sapphire was faceted in Sri Lanka in a Portuguese-style round and is well cut.  The gem weighs 1.12 carats and measures 6.3 x 3.5 mm.  It would make the perfect gem for a unique engagement ring!

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