26.02-Carat Deep Red Nigerian Tourmaline


A gorgeous dark red to orangey-red tourmaline from Oyo, Nigeria in a custom radiant rectangle design, very large at 26.02 carats.

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This huge tourmaline is a deep dark red color, tinted with a bit of orange.  The hue shifts with the lighting, appearing more dark red in certain lighting.  The rough came from old material mined in Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria in the 1990’s–large clean tourmalines like this have not been found in Nigeria for some time and are very scarce in the market.  It is completely natural and untreated.  It has a few tiny feathers that are just barely visible in the photos, but not visible face up in the hand.

I faceted this gem in a custom radiant rectangle design I created; it follows the outline of the natural gem crystal.  The resulting gemstone is rich and beautiful, and shows beautiful flashes of red, magenta and orangey-red on a deep red body color.  The gem weighs 26.02 carats and measures 20.8 x 13.7 x 11.6 mm.

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