3.90-Carat Neon Blue-Green Indicolite Tourmaline


A beautiful neon blue-green indicolite tourmaline from Afghanistan.  Very rare material, extremely clean and 3.90 carats.

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This tourmaline represents some of the most desirable color to be found in this gem–a brilliant neon blue-green. The color is very similar to some of the best Paraiba tourmaline, but no copper in this one–and no heating or any other treatment. The a-b axes of the crystal are a beautiful neon blue-green; the c axis is a bit more yellow-green, but still brilliant. The gem was masterfully oriented and cut by Peter Torraca to highlight the blue-green color. It’s polished to a very brilliant finish, so the facets simply glow when they are hit by the light. This makes the gem brilliant even in very dim lighting.

Capturing the true color of this gem is difficult. In the daylight-balanced fluorescent lighting of my studio, the gem looks more green than it does in daylight, where it has a more blue-green hue.

The finished gem is eye clean, I’d rate it a VVS clarity. It measures 11.1 x 7.1 x 6.2 mm and weighs 3.90 carats.

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